Company & Mission

Three important moments resume the history and the business growth of a real Italian factory:

  • Appignano (via Bramante): 700 sqm establishment where the Gemal kitchens production was born;

  • Appignano (via Leopardi): due to the product’s commercial evolution, the establishment was transferred to another area whose dimension is 4.000 sqm, where innovative machineries make an high quality production and allow to offer to the customers a professional and flexible service;

  • Treia (via Milano): Gemal kitchens is included into Vismap srl, which exists since 1977 in the modular kitchens field, and is transferred in the actual covered 9.000 sqm establishment, into a 15.000 sqm total area. Now the productive dream is concretized: started from a handicraft production, it arrives to an industrial reality where modern production’s standards allow to Gemal kitchens to be at the top. This is the Gemal kitchens MISSION: quality at the right price.