Limitless attraction for the loveliest kitchen

Traditional style and modern technology are the basis for this modular system with mark finishes. The mark finishesis obtained through a craft process that gives an aged aspect to the doors. The marking of the lines exalts the forms of the kitchen showing its decisive and harmonious character.

The cream-colored Agata allows combinations with rural and modern architectures. Try to match it with retro details of a setting with stone on sight and wood. Choose a tiny color for the walls and a terracotta flooring. Create your great classy style! If you love the modern character you can create contrasts, industrial style, with a resin or a cement concrete stonewall. Enhance everything by inserting elements with material finishes and do not worry about the colours of the rest of the furnishings because the cream-colored finish can be easily combined with the most varied stones.

Style habit of a house that talks about you

The light and dark that gives character to the house. The elegance of the mismatched compositions dresses the kitchen joining the traditional lines to the innovative generation coatings. The bicolor composition in warm cream and mud shades revives the kitchen corner and affirms it with the mark on its doors. Neutral colours for the walls and attention to details of your furnishings. Agata’s warm hues and its mark, the distinctive feature of the collection, are easy to match. Use your creativity for your combinations, choose the most bulky or cropped objects to create a contrast that will make your kitchen’s distinctive style stand out.

Romantic tradition that brings sweetness in the everyday life

The beauty of who can express itself. The perfect linearity of an idea that gives shape to a definite space. Agata’s aplomb in the walnut version is impeccable in its searching for the most canonical style of the kitchen. The top and the large backrest create a frame where to make tasty creations.

The family charm that warms the heart of the home

Agata’s modular system expands on all kitchen volumes and designs games of depth. The white door mirror on the grey bases in a layout which tells the love for the kitchen and the lightness of the present. Live the openspace area enriching it with your kitchen, let the peninsula virtually divide the space between living room and kitchen. You can prepare your own specialties and enjoy the home’s guests!



Lacquered Mark

Shabby lacquered