Wood and elegance

The kitchen that completes your home. Classic mood and simple lines, Chantal is the right balance between a practical design and a timeless style. The warm notes of wood and the brass-coloured finishes make the environment unique and refined.

Industrial Chic

Modern furniture with an impeccable style. The right character to the house and the great freedom of furniture. The neutral palette of the main modules of the Chantal kitchen is easily combined while the soft contrasts of the surfaces and the top add strength and design. Furniture with young soul and a contemporary taste.

Linear simplicity

The beauty of essential living. A kitchen with a practical character, with clean lines that draw the space and integrate it easily with the rest of the house. The 75 cm doors offer comfort and great convenience, the fridge and oven columns have a unique and innovative capacity. Efficiency of all components and all performances, the ideal composition for those who do not like artifice and privilege functionality over everything.

Color and matter

The dialogue between spaces. The harmonious volumes and evocative colors make the kitchen of value. Here relaxation and care create a peaceful life and a pleasant everyday life. The finishes are impeccable, the furniture and wall units well organized, to offer the right order in the pantry and the perfect management of every workspace.