Giada telaio

Giada telaio

Arkorcell arctic white and leather

Kitchen composed in several levels: it consists of two distinct finishes to emphasize its stylish details with the charm of the most current forms. The convenient shelves over the hood and the details of both the handle and the accessories bar emphasize this tendency producing a result that is well suited to heterogeneous contexts.
Broken geometries are mixed with the living base helping to create an original setting which can accommodate, in all circumstances, your friends and your family.

Arkorcell Arctic White

A tribute to the tradition thanks to the doors with inglesina and the wraparound shape handles. The space is well arranged to increase the available surface area and to allow you to calmly put away your everyday items.

Arkorcell leather

Corner composition in which volumes are fundamental characteristic thanks to the presence of the double column. The accessories bars surmounted by LED headlights illuminate effectively the large worktop for a functional design.
The columns multiply your possibilities thanks to the baskets with pull-out drawers in which you can rationalize your daily shopping or running your kitchen equipment.