Elegant, versatile with modern lines. Contemporary style dialogues with timeless inserts, wooden finishes and details that facilitate the daily use: an unmistakable touch made by tailored and multi-talented solutions designed for different types of environments. This is Giada, where the know-how blends with modernity to give space to your desire for novelty and to renew in the environment where you live or you like to relax and stay with your friends. Giada, kitchen has its place.

Arkorcell leather

Various forms for a solution with light clean cut peninsula. The lack of handles and the presence of titanium flat profile are the true stars of a composition that emphasis the quality of details.
Broken structures where creativity is mixed with usability. Livable design in the terminal wallunit too, for a moving equilibrium.

Laminate elm

Contemporary taste composition with nice combination between white polymeric and wet natural elm. Handles, table and chairs enhance the inclination to the minimal style and to a never banal beauty. Wide bases suitable to place the fundamental accessories to live the kitchen. Ergonomic solutions thanks to the UP flatprofile that inserts the handles inside the door.

Arkorcell Arctic White

Compactness and open elements for a bright proposal, with pleasant style. Color combinations with touches of modern relevance as the plinth color which enhances the structure of the chairs and the table. Bright and warm finishes, shelves with leather frame: a contrast that gives charm and character to your rooms.
Wide columns with a large availability of space and multiple shelves to handle with confidence any family need.


Arkorcell elm