The beauty of simplicity

The beauty of simplicity that furnishes with great style. Style concept. Modern, current, courteous. Rubina lives in harmony with your contemporary home style. It is the protagonist of the living area free from the divisions where, thanks to its material finishes, it manages to enhance geometric and linear shapes.

The seduction of balance

The seduction of balance that gives rhythm to your home. Class choice. Balanced shades and measured impact. Rubina elegantly moves between the complementary colors of its elements, leaving maximum freedom to aesthetic choices of the environment that welcomes it. Its composition gives rhythm to the house thanks to the gorges that interrupt the linearity of the kitchen.

The imprint of the details

The imprint of the details that make the difference. Game of lights. Young personality and rigorous forms. Rubina expresses all its energy in this combination of volumes that draw all the space creating reliefs and light cuts. The touch of color in the upper cabinet illuminates the entire kitchen and dictates the rules of the surrounding order.

The opening of spaces

The opening of spaces that talk about you. Destructuring of volumes and linear composition. Rubina alternates the full and empty spaces by playing with the colors and shapes of the elements creating a space with a pop face. The openings of the wall units show the objects of the house, welcoming the concept of a constantly evolving kitchen.


Concrete laminate

Matt lacquered

Glossy lacquered