The charm of the material in balance for a space that welcomes you

The Smeralda modular system furnishes your kitchen in three dimensions to meet all the needs of space, comfort and hospitality. Create your space by taking care of the details of all surfaces and generate material contrasts by combining the natural elm finishes of the columns with the island with a matt white base and oak top.

The warm shades of the wood go well with the bright pastel colors like those of the retro-style accessories. Create a unique and detailed environment that tells your story. Find the shades of orange to recall the warmth of the wood grain. Hang wooden vases from the ceiling where you can insert plants to give a natural chic touch to the environment.

The value of marble for the most precious corner of the house

The combination that enhances your spaces. Smeralda is the modular system with wide views that thanks to its details, makes the difference in the kitchen. Combine the touch graphite doors with the anthracite cases and choose the exclusivity of the glossy white marble top to enhance every corner of the composition. The “J” openings complete the style making everything super linear and minimal.

The warmth of modern style

The warmth of modern style. The right color combination for your kitchen doors is the secret that makes your home unique. Choose the contrast between the glossy white of the wall units to illuminate the space and the opaque mole color of the rest of the elements to create a modern and welcoming composition. If you love linear volumes, choose the G-Line opening for the doors.


Polymeric Wood

Polymeric Glossy

Polymeric Matt